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You are my favorite tutor

Thanx Bobrow for your coachings.

You are my favorite tutor.

I'm an ArchiCAD user from Zanzibar East Africa..thanks much!

Ahmed Marhaba

Very impressed

Hi Eric,

Just a quick note to say that my team are very impressed with your product and thanks for your quick response on any emails.

Best Regards,


Adam Elcock

The Best By Far

I have been using a number of different tutorials for ArchiCAD of late and enjoy yours the best by far. You have a good balance of easy to listen to style while moving along at a good pace.

Angela Brown Architect

Classy operation


Thanks for the quick reply! You have a classy operation there. Look forward to all you offer.


Stephen Narron

Stephen Narron

For anyone just getting started in ArchiCAD or a veteran like myself, Eric's Best Practices Course and Coaching Program is a must have. I started working with ArchiCAD on AC5.0, upgraded each year to AC 9.0 and just got to being comfortable with what I was doing. A couple of years ago I realized technology was passing me by. My skills were lacking and I decided to move up to AC16---. WOW what a difference. I got a little shell shocked.

Eric's teaching methods were very easy for me to pick up. He has helped through the transition. My clients are impressed with the quality of my plans. I have saved time designing homes in more detail.

Eric is a great mentor, his methods are thought out. In all of his courses he will get off on a slight tangent to show you a shortcut or something new, but gets right back on track and finishes his lesson. I highly recommend Eric's Coaching, Courses and MasterTemplate.

Great job!
Thanks Eric for all of your help.

5 Stars
Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

A smile on my face

watching your videos puts a smile on my face


I actually am having fun

I've been getting so much out of your stuff that I actually am having fun within my own practice.

Ricardo Yeaton

Very glad I invested in your classes

I am very glad I invested in your classes. They are very good and easy to follow.

Renata Rezende

This will save me a lot of clicks

Excellent tutorial on the tracker.

This will save me a lot of clicks and mouse moves.


Tom Downer


OMG, soo simple, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Borden

Worked a treat

Brilliant Eric ….worked a treat, thanks

Melvyn Britton

I can't imagine my AC education without you !

You've brought us so many nice things over the years......Saint Eric.

I can't imagine my AC education without you !

Best, Buzz

Buzz Bryan

The kind of tutorials worth going thru!

These are the kind of tutorials which are worth going thru! Great work Mr.Bobrow. We look forward to more of such such tutorials in Archicad.

Sunil Maru

Cannot do it without you


That was it!!! You have no idea how much easier you have made my life.

I am a one man show but cannot do it without you and CADIMAGE!!!!


Ignacio Garcia

Love love love your vids.

Love love love your vids. Saves me hours of time.

Brian Nyhof

The best

You're the best.

Todd Hotchkiss

Climb through the computer screen and give you a hug

Eric, if I could climb through the computer screen and give you a hug in thanks for this fantastic tutorial I would.


Eric Bobrow's "Best Practices Course" is an essential partner to owning an ArchiCAD license

In my view Eric Bobrow's "Best Practices Course" is an essential partner to owning an ArchiCAD license. A good working knowledge of a CAD system is a critical component in an architect’s office that frees up time for creative work and provides an effective medium to translate design ideas into technical drawing data. We are all aware of the complexities of current CAD programs and ArchiCAD is no exception. Eric’s “Best Practices Course” and his ongoing “Coaching Calls” have completely changed my user experience with ArchiCAD. Eric’s simple instructions and detailed explanations demystify the complex user interface that ArchiCAD has.

Eric has a unique teaching style. Very often he will show several ways to do the same thing - and on many occasions his diversions deep into menu structures unearth commands that I think most users are unaware of and yet are really useful and I now use regularly.

I highly recommend Eric’s courses on ArchiCAD and look forward to future Coaching Calls. I consider his annual access fee for “Coaching Calls” are paid for just in the explanations of the yearly ArchiCAD updates and new feature reviews. Keeping ArchiCAD current and continuing access to Eric’s coaching calls are in my opinion an essential aspect of an architect’s working environment. This keeps our work flow current with new developments in software and allows us to use ArchiCAD in an effective and enjoyable manner.

Richard Hewitt

After watching your videos I am really getting it

Hey Eric. First of all, let me thank you for your QuickStart course! I was struggling with archicad 19 but a few days after watching your videos I am really getting it.

Marco Zicarelli

Just what I needed

Thank you Eric, just what I needed...this plus the Tips video from the last Masters of ArchiCAD Summit have been very useful and informative, lot's I'd forgotten or just didn't know...this type of short, focused video for each of the tools, buttons, etc. would be great!! 🙂 Thanks again...

John Dunham

So awesome

Your explaining is so awesome

Jude Fernando
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