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My 60th Birthday Celebration – Three Gifts for You

Eric Bobrow, ArchiCAD GuruIn honor of my big 6-0 (which is TODAY), I’m offering you three special gifts:

1) Hangout with me in a one-time-only event April 28 as I share some of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past 60 years.

In this exclusive, behind-the-scenes online session I’ll reveal for the first time the 7 top strategies that form the touchstones of my success in business and in personal life.

2) Get a great deal on any of my products in my big 60th birthday sale.

If you’ve been thinking of investing in yourself, now is a great time to do it.

3) At the end of this post I share personal thoughts on turning 60.

Two life-changing events coincide and make this day especially poignant.


On April 28 at 12 Noon PDT you are invited to hangout online with me in a unique 60 minute event celebrating my 60 years on the planet.

I’ll share some of my personal story, then reveal for the first time the 7 key success strategies that I’ve figured out over the past 25 years running my own business.

These are my touchstones – the things I think about working day to day as well as creating long-term strategic plans. They help me in business and in personal life.

My close friend and business partner Enoch Sears (host of the Business of Architecture podcast) will guide me and make sure that we share a really special hour together.

On this private session I’ll reveal:

  • The two simple strategies used by Richard Branson and Bill Gates to build billion-dollar companies (and how you can apply them to be more profitable without doing more work)
  • The one tactic that can flip the way potential clients view your services (and draw them to you with irresistible psychological forces)
  • How get more work done in less time (while growing your business and working more on the things you enjoy)

This call is invite-only. Just one of these ideas could be a game-changer for you.

This high-leverage information and direct business coaching comes from decades of experience. There will be gems that provide a tremendous amount of value to everyone who attends.

I’d like to make sure that everyone can afford to join me, so I’m making it available at 3 price levels:

NOTE: All levels give you equal access to the event.
The difference is in the size of your birthday gift!

If you’ve received great value from my teaching, feel free to thank me and help me celebrate with a higher level ticket purchase.

This session will NOT be made available publicly. The only way to hangout with me and learn my 7 key strategies is to buy a ticket. If you can’t attend live on April 28, you’ll get access to the recording.

I look forward to sharing this special occasion with you.


If you’ve been thinking about buying any of my products…

  • ArchiCAD training to help you get the most out of this powerful software…
  • MasterTemplate to maximize your productivity on ArchiCAD projects…
  • Marketing training to help you grow your design business…

My 60th Birthday Celebration Sale is a great time to invest in yourself!

For the next week, grab this opportunity to celebrate my 60th and get a fantastic deal on any of my products.

I’m going to make this as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this special opportunity. For every one of these products, you’ll have a full 60 days to pay with no interest (pay 1/3 down, 1/3 in 30 days, 1/3 in 60 days).


The most comprehensive training resource for ArchiCAD
Includes basics (QuickStart Course), intermediate and advanced video lessons PLUS membership in my ArchiCAD Coaching Program (get my help when you have an ArchiCAD question)

  • ONLY $600 (save $97)
  • BONUS 6 extra months of ArchiCAD Coaching (get 12 months of coaching instead of 6 months)
  • SUPER BONUS – get 60 minutes personal coaching with me ONE ON ONE!

Click here to grab the Best Practices Course plus all these bonuses at a GREAT price


The basics of ArchiCAD in 13 hours of video
Get up to speed quickly, with Best Practices principles to ensure you are starting off in the best possible manner


The Office Standard for ArchiCAD
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Learn how you can improve your website and online presence to bring in more clients and projects
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I’m coming into this celebration with joy and sadness.

A few days ago, my wife’s father passed away after a long illness. We spent the past week with her family in El Paso Texas. It was bittersweet, as it brought the family closer together as we shared our loss and remembered.

One of the moments I savored was a morning in which my wife and son lay down quietly together, breathing and feeling each other’s hearts beating. It might have been only a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity.

I’m going to take the next few days off, enjoying time with my family in nature, away from the computer and the phone as much as I can.

Catch you later!



Join me for a LIVE ArchiCAD User Group Online Hangout with free ArchiCAD Coaching Q&A

Eric Bobrow, ArchiCAD GuruI have a new plan for how I can help even more users around the world succeed with ArchiCAD.

  • Each month I’m going to schedule a free one hour ArchiCAD User Group Hangout
  • Every session you’ll be able to ask questions and get free ArchiCAD Coaching
  • We’ll meet live via Google Hangouts, which will be a lot of fun
  • The session recording will be posted on my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel

The first live ArchiCAD Hangout will be:

Thursday March 20 at 1 pm PDT (San Francisco Time, GMT-7)

That’s 4 pm EDT / New York, 9 pm GMT / London, and 7 am Friday AEDT / Melbourne.

Click here to join us for this special live event.

I’m going to answer several questions live during the session:

  • A beginner question
  • A design or modeling question
  • A documentation or presentation question

Plus more if we have time…

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ARCHICAD QUESTIONS – email me at eric@bobrow.com.

I’ll pick the best ones and we’ll have some fun hanging out together!

I hope you can join us. The session will be recorded and posted on my YouTube channel, but it’s more fun to be there live!

3D Pictures and Sculptures - My latest free ArchiCAD Video Tutorial on YouTube

Learn how to place 3D pictures, paintings and sculptures into your model in this ArchiCAD video tutorial excerpted from the Best Practices Course.

ArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Place 3D Pictures, Paintings and Sculptures

This question was sent in recently by Steve Nickel of Colorado, who had seen a post on Jared Banks blog Shoegnome featuring an art exhibition that used Graphisoft’s powerful BIMx tool to allow website visitors to explore an art show. He asked me how to place artwork and sculptures in his models, and how to find image files he could use for this purpose.

In this ArchiCAD video tutorial, I show how to find and use the Picture 17 object in the standard ArchiCAD 17 library (there are versions for earlier ArchiCAD versions as well), exploring options such as changing the size, tilt angle and frame, including making it frameless. I demonstrate how to find image files through a Google search, and how to locate images that are legally licensed for reuse.

Then, through a series of steps, I develop the technical foundations for creating cutout images for simple portrayal of sculptures as well as simple human figures. We look at

  1. Photoshop masking to silhouette the foreground image from the background
  2. Creation of an “empty” totally transparent Surface / Material for use with the background
  3. Making a new Surface / Material from an image, and setting the texture origin
  4. Several different ways to make a polygon cutout shape in a vertical orientation

I hope you enjoy this ArchiCAD tutorial and find it useful. I look forward to your feedback. Please add your comments and questions on this page or on the YouTube video page.

If you like this tutorial, you’ll love the Best Practices Course, my comprehensive training resource for ArchiCAD users. You’ll have immediate, 24/7 access to recorded video lessons (starting from the basics and going through advanced topics) that will teach you the best ways to use ArchiCAD for your projects, as well as membership in my ArchiCAD Coaching Program, which allows you to ask me questions and get my personal assistance.

Please visit http://www.acbestpractices.com for more info and to purchase the course.