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Celebrating and Learning from Masters of ArchiCAD

MOA-SUMMIT-LOGO-400WI have an exciting announcement about a ground-breaking ArchiCAD community event, the MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT.

If you use ArchiCAD, and want to take better advantage of its INCREDIBLE power to get your work done faster (and better), it’s an event that you can’t afford to miss.

The Summit is an online conference on February 5 & 6 in which expert users from around the world share their inspiration and passion for ArchiCAD as well as practical tips, tricks, methods and strategies that you can use in your practice.

There will be a dozen presentations over a two day period that you can attend live AND/OR watch as video recordings later. Add them to your reference library to study and integrate into your workflow.

Read this post to discover:

  • how this conference came to be and why it HAD to be created
  • why you absolutely NEED to join us (if you care about your work)
  • plus a special offer to make this an even more incredible value


Timothy-Ball-photo-3Last summer I invited architect Timothy Ball RIBA from the UK as a visiting lecturer to present a lesson for my ArchiCAD Best Practices Course. Tim showed us how he efficiently models projects in such great detail and accuracy that every cutaway shows the actual construction. His detail drawings as generated from the model need little or no cleanup, and he supplements them with 3D details as well as BIMx models to communicate the intricacies of the design even more clearly.

Tim pushes the limits of the software, and reaps tremendous rewards. His projects are built with fewer problems, and his design solutions are optimized. At first, it seems like he’s doing extra work, then one realizes that it really is much more efficient use of his time, allowing more intelligent design study while producing drawings more quickly and accurately, with better data and integration.

  • One of the attendees commented enthusiastically that sitting in on Tim’s presentation and our discussion seemed like “graduate school for ArchiCAD”.
  • The feedback from other course members was equally positive. Everyone said that they were inspired by Tim’s work, and now understood much better how to optimize their own modeling process.

It was at that point that I realized that Tim’s knowledge and experience NEEDED to be shared with the larger ArchiCAD community, to increase the depth of knowledge and skill of users everywhere. We started talking about creating something around the theme “Masters of ArchiCAD”.


Tim is not unique among ArchiCAD users. There are many masters of this complex and powerful software, people who push the limits and reap the benefits.

While Graphisoft features firms as “success stories” in short videos, press releases and occasional webinars, no one has ever given these expert users an online platform from which to teach other users what they’ve learned through hard-fought experience.

Local user groups and regional events such as the ArchiCAD Users Association retreats spread the knowledge of experts with a limited number of in-person attendees. Online forums such as ArchiCAD-Talk and the LinkedIn ArchiCAD group foster discussion, however this is limited to posting comments and linking to screenshots and occasionally to videos.

Worldwide, we have such a deep pool of knowledge that has not been shared effectively.

Our ArchiCAD user community has passion and expertise that can be, and needs to be, shared in a form that maximizes the benefit from everyone involved.



I have hand-picked a dozen ArchiCAD masters to give presentations that combine inspiration and practical training in equal measure. You’ll see case studies and actual project files, often with live demonstrations inside ArchiCAD (not just slides).

As a community event, it is ground-breaking – the first time that experts of this caliber have gathered together in an online conference to give their knowledge to other ArchiCAD users.

If you’re the type of person who strives for continual improvement in your life and your work, if you want to master ArchiCAD so you can get the most benefit from the software, this event is for you.

  • For more information including a description of each summit presentation as well as profiles of the presenters, please visit the Masters of ArchiCAD website.

I see these experts as “unsung heroes”. They are well known and highly regarded among their colleagues, peers and clients, however they deserve to be celebrated by our larger worldwide ArchiCAD community.

Their hard-earned treasures are going to be multiplied as they share them with us. The wisdom of their experience will become our common knowledge.

I will be telling their stories over the coming weeks in a series of posts. Let’s celebrate their work and learn from the efforts of these ArchiCAD Masters.

Eric Bobrow

P.S. This is a “commercial event” in that there is a charge for registration. Each presenter receives a share of the proceeds in the form of an honorarium. There are advertising and production costs as well.

Fees will cover these costs and pay for my time, allowing me to put in a huge effort to make this project a success. I will be working with the presenters to help them plan and optimize their talks, and will host and produce the online webinars as well as the recordings and website.

The registration fee of $197 is very economical when compared to the cost of attending a live conference. You’ll be able to attend the sessions live, and ask questions of the presenters, and also have full access to the recordings for permanent reference after the Summit.

However, as one of my valued clients and email subscribers, you deserve an even better deal:

Simply visit the MASTERS of ArchiCAD website and click the registration link to go to the secure checkout page.
Enter BOBROW-WEBSITE in the Special Code field in the upper right area and click the Apply button.

You’ll see the registration fee discount applied, so you’ll pay only $97.

This conference will be a history-making event, and the recordings will be an important resource that you can add to your reference library to treasure for years to come.

Questions? Feedback? Problems? Ideas?
Drop me a line at

Masters of ArchiCAD Summit

MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMITI have some very exciting news to share.

It’s something that will enrich your ArchiCAD experience for all of 2015.

For the first time ever, I am bringing together ArchiCAD Masters from around the world in a virtual conference to share their knowledge and experience with the ArchiCAD user community.


In the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit each expert will give a one hour presentation on a topic they are passionate about, that they focus on day to day, and bring the wisdom of real world experience to their vision.

MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT presenters

These masters bring tremendous depth to their subject, often pushing the limits of the technology and breaking new ground in their personal explorations. I will be working with each of them to refine their ideas and materials to make the presentations accessible and understandable to the average ArchiCAD user, while still retaining advanced components and strategies.

The sessions will be broadcast as well as recorded, so you’ll be able to attend live and ask questions, or watch videos of the presentations later.

[UPDATED January 14] Here is the lineup of ArchiCAD masters and topics:

  • Timothy Ball, UK – Hyper-Efficient, Detailed 3D Modeling
  • Roderick Anderson – Costa Rica – Design-Build: Luxury Residential done better with ArchiCAD and BIMx Docs
  • Ben Wallbank, UK – The Data in Your Model is Priceless
  • Djordje Grujic, UAE – ArchiCAD Beyond Architecture
  • Gary Lawes – UK – Hacking GDL – Practical Parametric Object Making
  • Andreas Lettner – Austria – CineRender Tips and Tricks
  • Erika Epstein – US – How to Successfully Implement BIM, Improve Your Workflow and Better Serve Your Clients
  • Shawn B. Hopkins – South Africa – Activating Your Local ArchiCAD Market for Informed Design Solutions
  • Andrew Passacantando – US – How a One Man Office Does Large Complex Projects using ArchiCAD from A to Z
  • Karoly Horvath – Australia – Modular Design and Teamwork Strategies for Multi-Unit Projects
  • Eric Bobrow – US – ArchiCAD Best Practices and The Ultimate Template

The conference is affordably priced at $197 with early bird tickets on sale for $127 through January 20.

More information (including descriptions of each session) and registration are available at

I invite your comments and questions.


Thanksgiving 2014 and My Second Annual Black Friday Sale



Here in the U.S. it’s time for a little break, our annual Thanksgiving holiday. A time to give thanks, to be with family and friends, and then…to shop!

“Black Friday” is a day to catch up on sleep or clean up the mess after the big meal, and possibly enjoy a recreational activity such as watching sports, or taking a walk in nature (in some parts of the country) or through the shopping mall. Retailers the past few years have increasingly coaxed people sated from their holiday meal to shop at crazy times (like midnight) with enticing “door-crasher” bargains or limited time offers.

I’m personally not that interested in shopping, but as an online merchant of ArchiCAD training and add-ons, I’ve decided to participate in this bizarre American ritual and offer you some of the best deals of the year, which will run for 4 days only through “Cyber Monday” (another peculiarly American invention).


I’ve just cut the prices of my three main ArchiCAD products:

  • The QuickStart Course — only $97 USD – save $100!
    • 13 hours of video training to rapidly get you up to speed on ArchiCAD basics
    • The fastest way to get familiar with ArchiCAD and productive
    • Ideal for beginners, and a great review of key methods and techniques for veterans
    • Split-pay option: get started for only $50 today
  • The Best Practices Course — a comprehensive guide to ArchiCAD — only $497 USD – save $200!
    • Dozens of carefully organized video lessons on an extensive range of topics
    • Includes the QuickStart Course (basic training)
    • PLUS — EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS — get 12 full months membership in my ArchiCAD Coaching Program – get my personal guidance and assistance when you have ArchiCAD questions
    • Extended payment option: get started for only $97 today

If you’re an ArchiCAD user who wants to be more productive, comfortable and facile with the program, now is a great time to invest in yourself.

Grab one or more of these while I’m in a holiday mood, and you’ll reap the benefits for months and years to come.

– Eric